Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A fallen cheesesteak

Joey Vento. People who come from another country or have family from outside the U.S. wouldn't necessarily like him. Well just yesterday he passed away after suffering a heart attack. Kind of awkward how it happened after the earthquake but nonetheless, anytime someone dies it's really a bad thing. Sure Geno's Steaks had a huge controversy around it because of their "This is America, Speak English Sign," but that has come and gone. Or has it?

Some people will probably still refuse to eat there. I myself wouldn't go there just because I don't think they have the best cheesesteaks. Just a few years back some of my family came to try it out and when I told them about the story they said, "We don't care, you order for us." I also read some pretty nasty things on Facebook and to be honest that's not cool. Death is a sensitive subject and shouldn't be made fun or nor messed with. I don't agree with the sign nor the way he treated customers, but you don't see me making a big fuss. Just don't eat there that's all.
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