Monday, August 29, 2011

My paradise to DR...maybe.

"Dominican Republic is a charismatic and unforgettable island nation boasting intricate architecture, rich culture, amazing accommodations, world-class golf courses, pristine beauty and unlimited eco adventures," says Magaly Toribio, DR Ministry of Tourism's Vice Minister of International Promotion. And she may be right. In fact, without a tourism website I'm sure the Dominican Republic is a top Caribbean destination on everyone's mind. Award winning has earned itself ADDY and Summit awards for its clever design and function. But does a website really influence your trip planning? I believe it can.

After trying their "My Paradise" planner I almost made the "wanted" mistake of hitting confirm and purchase. Easy and fun to use, this planner makes travel arrangements seamlessly comfortable. One thing I must say is that I appreciate websites allowing you to log-in using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Eases the frustrations of starting a whole new user name for some other website. So...anyone down for a DR trip?!

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