Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road trip hasta la playa

Talk about a road trip of a lifetime. Y Tu Mama Tambien tells the story of two best friends (Tenoch and Julio) who ask an older woman to come with them to the beach. And she does right after she gets a call from her husband (Tenoch's cousin) that he cheated on her. Sure enough the trip begins with awkward conversations about love, sex and relationships. But pretty much just about sex.

So what happens during their motel stays? Well pretty much crying, sex and some form of jealousy. Although I'm actually writing this while I watch the movie, I can only imagine what's going to happen at the end. An American movie would have one of them killed, but this is a Mexican flick. But of course two best friends driving with an attractive woman to the beach can only be filled with drama. Let's see who stays friends at the end.
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