Monday, August 1, 2011

Who's your horrible boss?

What's your definition of a horrible boss? They're supposed to be your motivation to work right? Luckily I have not had a slave-driving psycho as a boss, or even a touchy feely boss, or not event a completely incompetent coke-driven boss. Well these are the three bosses that are driving the main characters of Horrible Bosses insane. Now what would make you want to murder your bosses and think you can get away with it? Apparently Nick, Dale and Kurt have what it takes...that's if they take the advice of supposed killer "MF Jones." Don't ask what the MF stands for lol. Filled with lots of awkward movie quote history and new quotes to add to your list, Horrible Bosses makes your job look a tad bit more simple. And if you ever want to kill your boss, I suggest just speaking with Human Resources, they'd be more than willing to help you out.

Have you had a boss that you just wanted to push out a window? Hit with a car? Stab with a knife? Inject food poisoning?
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