Monday, August 15, 2011

Why our family wedding wouldn't work...

It's not what you think. Well not yet at least :). I recently saw Our Family Wedding and what a disaster indeed. Although it was nice to see an interracial couple eventual get married, I believe it was a little to fast and happy for real life. There were certain situations that even for 2011, it was just unrealistic. One minute the couple breaks up and the next evening they are back to getting married...doesn't that take a week? And planning a super nice "traditional" wedding in 2 weeks?

The "racism" jokes were just a bit much too. Sure there are tons of stereotypes when it comes to African-Americans and Mexicans but really? "Bro" and "ese" don't necessarily makes things racists but come on. Even with the grandmother she was a bit dramatic. I think it would have been better if they got married behind everyone's back lol. Then again I'm sure the Mexican father would have been a little TOO upset and caused even more disaster among the family. have you seen the film? What do you think about interracial dating?
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