Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why social media is the devil

As you all now know a little over an hour ago the northeast corridor felt an earthquake centered in Virginia. Although a 5.9 magnitude, people in Maryland, Philadelphia, New York and Connecticut felt mother nature's wrath. Clearly people on the East coast were not ready for this tremor. Office buildings closing, people panicking, cell phones shutting down are just some of the many issues we are facing right now. However, like any other event that happens in the world, social media seems to make it fun...or not.

People flocked to Facebook and Twitter to comment about how they felt, what they saw, who they were with, why it happened and so on. And hey, why not check into "Earthquakepocalypse" on Foursquare right? Swarm badges were gained all over the East coast instead of attempting to call the loved ones. Social media is clearly the place to go when something goes wrong. Is society turning us into something other than human beings? Clearly our older generation family is not doing so well because when a cell phone doesn't work, all hell breaks loose. And here I am now writing my thoughts instead of being somewhere safe. *smh indeed*
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