Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the (ad)color award goes to...

The ADCOLOR Awards recently took place on Saturday, September 16 and is a non-profit initiative launched by the ADCOLOR Industry Coalition – a collective formed in 2005 that serves to promote increased diversity in the advertising, marketing and media industries. They also aim to inspire current and future communications professionals of color by celebrating the accomplishments of diverse role models and industry leaders.

And this comes at a perfect time since I just left an event at Comcast which spoke about Hispanic professionals in not just the media world, but in all professions. The panelists which included reps from Comcast, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Telemundo Philadelphia spoke about their efforts in supporting our (Latino) community.

Anyways, at the ADCOLOR Awards, George Lopez won the "All Star" award. Surprising he gave a very good speech with almost no comedy at all. Although I don't believe in the word "color" when referring to Latinos, Blacks, Asians, etc., it was good to hear him be a person and not causing laughs. Here his speech:

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