Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being Latino & Hispanicize partner to take over the world

Okay so they might not be taking over the world but they sure are doing great things. Being Latino, one of the leading Latino community and social media platforms in the U.S. and publisher of Being Latino Online Magazine is partnering with social media content and blogger marketing platform, Hispanicize. The partnership immediately combines the communities and resources of two of the most influential and innovative Latino social media entities in the nation. Not too shabby huh?

So what's in store? Well the creation of a hashtag #BeLatino which will be heavily promoted across various platforms to facilitate discussion and unify the diverse Latino voices online. I wonder if they'll have heavy influence through the #latism hashtag? Either way, Latinos are all over the social media space. And today I discovered Philadelphia's Latino(a) with the most followers but I can't announce it until tomorrow haha. This partnership is just the beginning of many online partnerships.

Here's a fancy video explaining the partnership. Enjoy! 

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