Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear SEPTA passengers

“Por lo pronto nuestra página se traduce al español y queremos implementar más medidas para dar información en tiempo real." These are the words from SEPTA. According to an Al Dia article, Philadelphia's own transportation system wants more Latinos. What does that even mean? I'm not the biggest SEPTA fan nor do I even like taking their buses, but for them to say that to a Spanish-language newspaper is like, "um cool." Suggestion alert: Create love letters on the east side of MFL like the Mural Arts did a year ago. Maybe?

I'm sure the 47, 57 and MFL are all already filled with Latinos. However, when it comes to taking these to Center City, why would they? Should SEPTA work with Center City businesses to provide services? I usually only take the MFL and an occasional trip on the regional rails when I want to go visit the parents. What SEPTA needs to concentrate first is getting rid of the token system. It's outdated and nobody likes it. Sure I'm bashing this system a little too much but when most of the cashiers tend to be nasty, it does not give a good vibe. Let me use my credit card to purchase a pass and this post might change.
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