Monday, September 5, 2011

Marc Anthony in concert

Ah yes the Marc Anthony concert. Let's get this out of the way...even with no new album, he sure does know how to put on a show. However, as much as a great performer he was at the Great Allentown Fair, it was a little awkward. After he took off his glasses it looked like he was going through a lot; maybe a divorce? #toosoon? Anyways, almost all of the songs he sang were clear statements to a certain Ms. Jennifer Lopez. Usually Marc mentions the town/city he is performing at yet for some odd reason it seemed as though he did not know at all where he was. However, he did have the crowd waving their Puerto Rican flags and screaming for more.

This was the second time I see Marc Anthony perform and in fact the only performer I've seen twice. Last year he was in Atlantic City and had a similar performance. The end of his show is somewhat predictable but it's always nice to see how crazy people get when they think he's leaving. Marc...I wish you nothing but the best in your future. Now go create some music :).

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