Friday, September 30, 2011

More Hispanics listing themselves as white

Shocking? Well not really. When it comes to asking yourself whether you're black or white, most people are obviously going to say white. Skin color, ethnicity, race, background, etc. They all could be the same but they could also be different. A recent Associated Press article said, "In a twist to notions of race identity, new 2010 census figures show an unexpected reason behind a renewed growth in the U.S. white population: more Hispanics listing themselves as white in the once-a-decade government count."

America sure did a number on humans when it decided to make the notion of identity into something important. Why do we label ourselves? Because it will give someone power. If there are 100 Latinos, 5 "whites" and 2 "blacks" then most likely a Latino will be the leader. Calling yourself white, Latino, black, etc. doesn't mean a damn thing anywhere else except in America. Take a trip to China, Colombia or just about any other country and you'll just be an American scumbag. Okay...maybe I took it too far.

The article continued with, "The share of Hispanics identifying themselves as white increased over the past decade from 48 percent to 53 percent, while the proportion of those who marked "some other race" dropped from 42 percent to 37 percent. Many Hispanics previously preferred to check the "some other race" category to express their nationalities — such as Mexican or Cuban." This leads to Latin American countries all identifying as something different. Colombians may mark white, Puerto Ricans may mark black. I just don't understand the big issue. I wish people would stop judging everyone based on what they look like; and it's not only skin color, but it's also how you dress. ::le sigh::
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