Monday, September 12, 2011

Never forget where we came from

I was so excited to see Colombiana last Friday. Not just because it had the title of a "colombiana," but also because it was a much needed movie. I'm sure there are hundreds of people who were apposed to Zoe Saldana acting as a Colombian but let's move on. The saying, "Never forget where you come from," stuck in my head like white on rice.

Cataleya plays a strong woman who takes revenge on anyone involved in the murder of her parents. And that's typical right? It was bound to happen since at age 9 she was jumping off buildings, stabbing people; but it was still sad seeing her grow up alone. "Never forget where you come from" could mean many things but to me it was about honor, respect and family. Latino culture is clearly about family; that could be our downfall but it could also be used for us. 

Colombiana represents everything we want to be (whether you're a man or woman). We want to be strong, independent and just down right awesome. Although pretty obvious most of her family would be killed due to her way of life, she kept it moving. Unfortunately for her even though she found her revenge, Cataleya is still being pursued by the police. What's her count at 30 and counting? Either way, never forget where YOU come from :-).
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