Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh Christopher Columbus statue

Um, "...Columbus is commonly viewed now as the harbinger of genocide rather than the discoverer of the New World." And yes this is a quote from a recent Fox News Latino article about a Christopher Columbus statue set to make it's debut in Puerto Rico...soon. Although I've heard of this rumor a few months ago, it looks like it's about to come to life. Now I have no problem with art but this just doesn't seem like the right place to have his statue.

Sure the U.S. celebrates Columbus Day, but most people associate Columbus with slave trading. And somehow I can't seem to fathom how any Puerto Rican would want his statue in any of their cities. Although  yes it could quite possible bring tourism, but just the idea behind this statue is ugly. Then there's air traffic control; if every city in Puerto Rico has a problem with traffic, then I suggest not putting it up. The statue has traveled all over the U.S. since the '90s and somehow just has not found a home. Poor Russian artist. Yeah, that's the other thing...a Russian built this thing. Awkward party of two. 

Would you want this statue in your city?
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