Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off this Thursday and as usual, I either hear nothing about anything (in Philadelphia) or I hear too much about random businesses attempting to reach out to the Latino community. Sure it may sound cute you're running a "Hispanic Heritage" campaign during Hispanic Heritage Month, but what about after the fact? I don't want a month nor special attention, but stop ignoring a population that has potential for growth.

Try Googling Hispanic Heritage Month 2011 and what do you get? There's not really much now is there? So far in Philadelphia, everyone is having a festival throughout the next few weekends; which is normal. But where is the support? Why don't I see Puerto Ricans at the Mexican Independence Festival or Mexicans at Feria del Barrio? I'm sure they are there, but you never really see a good mix of people at the festivals. My opinion is my own but sometimes I would like to see a little more support from people.

So how are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month? right?! Remember the State of PA's theme one or two years ago? I can't seem to find it but talk about disrespectful. A little help here por favor. Anyways, I hope we can find it in ourselves to go support a festival or two we normally wouldn't go to.
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