Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Philadelphia's biggest Twittero

A week ago Al Dia found Philadelphia's Latino Twitter user with the most followers. Marisol Maldonado aka @SocialSola has a little above 7000 followers with lots of engagement all around. She RTs, @ replies, hashtags and pretty much has conversations all around. Did I mention her job is teaching companies how to use social media?

According to the Al Dia article, "Hace dos años, mientras celebraba el Día de la Madre, Marisol decidió hacerle caso a las insistentes recomendaciones que amigos y familiares le hacían: 'Deberías abrir una cuenta en Twitter', recuerda." And starting Twitter pretty much is always that simple; someone recommends and there you go. I started almost three years ago and have met some pretty amazing people via the social networking site.

So why do you use Twitter? To just talk trash...promote your chat people...Other? Either way be weary about how you use it. I'm no expert but there are some things you don't do. Like what? Well don't say you're completely drunk or smoking some ______ or even curse for that matter. I see too much crap that makes me think, "Yeah I wouldn't hire you." It's a shame I know but it's also reality.
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