Monday, September 26, 2011

Post La Feria de la

Oh yes hard work indeed pays off. This past weekend the three-month long planning for La Feria de la Familia took place at the PA National Guard Armory. It was very interested to see an event of this stature (that I planned) come to life. With the help of all my colleagues near and far, it was very much a success. As always, things happen, but we just keep moving forward and do the best we can to fix the situation.

Some of my memorable moments included the Art of Stepping's flash mob, the Tus Ojos band and of course meeting Carmen Dominicci and Gabriel Valenzuela. It amazes me how humble and caring Telemundo talent really are. They love the people and enjoy signing autographs and taking photos with them. I hope next year we can improve on what we learned this year. Of course I'll have to keep the bright red shirts lol. It seemed as though everyone wanted one, including my mom -_-.

So what happens now? I get feedback, write my recap and upload every single video and photos we took. I can tell you our photographer took over 500 photos; all very good shots though. Watching the mini-studio videos however are hilarious. Seeing adults and children report the news and weather is just too cute...and I never use the word cute. For more photos and video visit :).
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