Thursday, September 8, 2011

Renaming a subway stop

Now in my mind the only way you rename a subway stop is if you pay a whole bunch of money...hence the AT&T subway stop in Philadelphia, PA.Well how about just honoring a stop for a month? A group of New Yorkers (of course) has joined forces to rename the New York's N subway line, the Ñ (en-yeh), for Hispanic Heritage Month. Grupo Ñ, the group of self-proclaimed culture lovers behind the movement, is calling on the city's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to do something that will truly resonate with a community whose influence on the city is felt daily. 

And to be honest wow! What an awesome idea. Not really sure how they got these fliers posted around the subways but I like it and fully support it. Doesn't New York City usually change the skyline colors according to what is being celebrated that month? I say go for it. This probably sounds easier said than done but I believe New York being a high Latino city, go for it. You would be spreading a message across the entire nation...and not just because of the Census numbers. The letter Ñ has so much significance as well. Just look at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists...their symbol is the Ñ. So what say you? Change or no change?
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