Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Congrats to the HCA winners

On Tuesday night the Hispanic Choice Awards returned to Philadelphia and what a show. A revamp of previous years, the show kicked off with a special VIP reception (with red carpet) followed by the awards ceremony. What's the difference this year? The long overdrawn out awards ceremony turned into two hours of entertainment and only six awards which included:
  • Community Advocate of the Year  -  “Impact” Award 
  • Education Champion of the Year  -  “El Futuro” Award
  • Creative Artist of the Year  -  “Vision” Award
  • Business Person of the Year  -  “Trailblazer” Award
  • Corporate Partner of the Year  -  “Alianza” Award 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - new for 201
So who won this year? My dear friends and art inspiration Las Gallas which include Michelle Ortiz, Magda Martinez and Julia Lopez received the Creative Artist of the Year Award. Mentor (but he doesn't know) Johnny Irizarry took home the Lifetime Achievement Award and they couldn't have chosen anyone better. Johnny knows everyone and everyone knows Johnny. Congrats to all the winners and until next year! For a list of all the winners visit
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