Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PA becomes the 6th state to...

...introduce anti-immigrant bills. Of course. As if the Hazleton crap isn't enough, now the whole state is going after people that not just only increase in numbers, but make a difference overall. According to an Al Dia article, "Este martes y miércoles el Comité del Gobierno Estatal votará en Harrisburg un paquete de 15 proyectos de ley anti-inmigrantes liderados por el representante estatal republicano Daryl Metcalfe." So what are we to do? There's lots we can do!

One thing I just learned about today was joining the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition at their lobby day on Tuesday, October 18 in Harrisburg, PA. It is very critical to take action now and make your voices heard to prevent the passage of Arizona-style laws in PA. The day will begin with a training before attendees break into small groups to visit with key legislators. Don't worry, all materials will be provided - just bring your passion and commitment to promoting fair and welcoming policies toward immigrants. Please RSVP here.

I'm sure in a few weeks you'll be hearing more about the proposed law. To be honest it's a shame. I don't understand how this can even be thought of after the whole Arizona hoopla. Do you think states have the right to introduce these laws? What are you doing to prevent these laws from being passed? What happens if they are passed?
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