Monday, October 31, 2011

Why do we get involved?

So I may have written about this before but this past week just hit me like a 12 pack of...Miller Lite? Anyways, I sometimes have to re-ensure myself about getting involved with this community. Note: This community = Philadelphia's Latino community. And let me tell you, it's pretty nasty. Latinos who have been in the game look at you with disgust, African-Americans let you be and don't really care, and our "white" counterparts just think you're Puerto Rican. Sure this isn't the case for everyone but I have seen it at its worst.

But going back on topic, I get involved because one never knows where these professionals and organizations will take you. Currently I'm most involved with the Philadelphia Public Relations Association and the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture Philadelphia Host Committee. Pretty much taking up a lot of my time, but it expands my network; did I mention it's a lot of work? Don't get me wrong I love supporting these organizations. I never have a hidden agenda and I always stay open-minded. I get involved because in order to get anywhere in life, I have to say "yes." Then again if I had millions of dollars I could just stay at home and do nothing...maybe volunteer.

Maybe I just need to relax. The holidays are approaching and I need to concentrate on family and the people close to me. The professional life is getting more and more intense since a lot of people don't have jobs, people who do have jobs are getting so many demands and so on. Occupy Wall Street (and every other city) is putting a lot of pressure on big corporations and banks. What is to come of our future? 2012...I hope you're a little better than what 2011 brought me.
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