Thursday, November 3, 2011

Confess your love for Mexico

What happens if you mix Taxi Cab Confessions plus Mexico? Well, you get Mexico's new tourism campaign "Mexico Taxi Project." Not the best name but it sure is sneaky and real. According to a recent NY Times article, "In the commercials, tourists returning from Mexico chat about their trips with drivers from car services who are taking them home. The drivers were, of course, part of the campaign, as were the town cars equipped with hidden cameras that filmed the rides from airports in markets like Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia." The microsite already includes a few videos with taxi passengers talking about their trip to Mexico.

What I'm wondering is what about those who didn't leave good reviews? What was the ratio between good and bad? I'm hoping the other videos are a little more diverse but I'm sure I know what they're going for. According to the NY times article, "The Mexico commercials required considerable logistical set-ups. Tourists were approached at airports in Mexico, Mr. Llanes said, and again after they landed at their home airports." Passengers were asked for their opinion for a "new brand of tequila" and in return would get a free ride home. Sweet deal right? Have you been to Mexico...thoughts?
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