Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Corporations do care (Goya Foods)

Maybe this just bypassed me but all over South/Central America, cities are being flooded with torrential downpours. And most recently, El Salvador has been a victim of this horrible natural disaster. According to the BBC News article, "The United Nations has launched an emergency appeal to help an estimated 300,000 people in El Salvador after heavy rains caused widespread flooding across Central America." Goya Foods of course is on board with helping its people.

Earlier today, Goya Foods, Inc., announced a donation of 37,000 pounds offood to help those affected by the El Salvador floods. The donation includes evaporated milk, beans, coconut milk and other healthy Goya products. This isn't the first donation Goya has completed; back in March Goya donated 1 million pounds of food to multiple cities. This is a part of they 75th anniversary including their campaign, Goya Gives. So you see, for-profit companies can do good in the community. And GOYA has always been there and to be honest I've never heard anything negative from them. Good job Goya...so now where's my free rice & beans? lol j/k.
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