Monday, November 7, 2011

Enjoy the LATISM conference this week

The LATISM conference is this week and I am unfortunately not going ::sad face::. The national event –to be held at the beautiful Navy Pier, one of the city’s world class landmarks –will consolidate LATISM’s mission and audience of health providers, government officials, educators, community and thought leaders with three tracks focusing on empowering Latinos: Public Service, Business & Leadership and Personal Influence & Community. And a conference can't be a conference without some awesome awards right? This year LATISM will honor the best bloggers, agencies and organizations which have set the trend and just did an awesome job with using social media.

Some of the awards to be distributed are:
  1. Best Lifestyle Blogger
  2. Best Latin@ Tech Blogger 
  3. Best Latino(a) Social Network Leader
  4. Best Latino(a) Social Network Leader
  5. Best Politician using Social Media to reach Latino(a)s   
With a whopping 26 awards, the night will be filled with many winners and unfortunately some losers. But again they are not losers...I mean they were nominated right? Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a great time time in Chicago (during the cold) and remember to keep on fighting the good fight. I hope to see a conference or something in Philadelphia soon. Hasta pronto!
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