Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh how we grow old

I recently wrote an article in Enterate Hispanic Magazine about ageism and giving thanks to those who have helped us (me) in this crazy thing called life. Sometimes we take things for granted and expect things handed to us, other times we don't reach out too often to other. However, there's a point in time where we decide what we want. Young people should reach out to older people for advice, consejos, everything. And for the older generation, we should reach out to them. Well I'm not that old but I do give people 20 and under a chance at things.

I think honestly speaking there are a lot of people out there who don't give young professional Latinos a chance. It's a hateful world out there and in this economy why should they help us right? No. Supporting young Latinos ensures many things including the survival and continuous growth of our gente. Rule of thumb: Latinos need to support other Latinos in all aspects (spiritually, professionally, economically, etc.). As much as I wish I could mentor someone, I find other opportunities for the younger generation.
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