Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One radio station down, two left

So remember that Spanish radio station Rumba 1480 owned and operated by ClearChannel. Well see what happens when you go to go. Well back in October El Zol 1340AM came to town and pretty much took over the competition. These guys have a very aggressive approach and are changing the way things are done. I was listening today and to my amazement there weren't that many commercials...and the music was good. Granted I was listening online and not on the radio which is a huge difference.

Now I bet you're asking yourself this again, "Why isn't there a Spanish FM station?" I ask myself that every day. Is there a market for it? Of course there is, but it would be a lot of work and very costly. With four shows running weekly including a weekend public affairs program, I believe El Zol will be staying for a while. Sad to see Rumba1480 gone but I didn't even see them around town a lot. Egh. I guess we'll see what happens with the two that are left.
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