Monday, November 21, 2011

Philadelphia wants your ideas

So how do you engage an entire community without causing havoc in a meeting room? launch a social media website where users can basically either give you an idea or vent on why they hate the city. Change by US Philly is an online marketplace for community projects that allows you to share ideas for making your city better, and to turn those ideas into projects that have real impact. From tools to network and manage events to helping you connect with local resources, the site supports a number of ways to get involved.

Then again, I've seen a lot of people give ideas and complain yet when they are given the opportunity: NOTHING. Change by US Philly isn't just about posting ideas, it's about actually getting involved. You can search projects by neighborhoods and tap into that network. One of my favorite features is just the design itself. The post-it idea posts are "cute" (hate using that word) but it's real easy to use and searchable. So Philadelphia, instead of complaining about small things, change your neighborhood and your city and then we'll talk about why you dislike _______. Tweet away!
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