Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Puerto Rico is not foreign

As much as people assume Puerto Rico is foreign, it still is a U.S. territory. Although I can't get into politics discussing whether or not PR should be a state or independent, let's discuss something else. Apparently Puerto Rico is ineligible to be nominated for Best Foreign Film in the Academy Awards. According to an article in the NY Daily News, "The controversy arose when the movie, based on the novel “America’s Dream” by Esmeralda Santiago, was not allowed to be considered as a possible nominee for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2012 Oscars."

So why can't they be nominated? I mean if Puerto Rico can compete independently in the Olympics and for the Miss Universe pageant, why can't they win Best Foreign Film?  The online petition at currently has over 1500 signatures but clearly needs more. I wonder what would happen if Puerto Rico did become an independent nation; would things remain the same or would it get better? Either way I believe Puerto Rico should be allowed to win the Academy Award.
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