Monday, November 7, 2011

Shut down ex-gay clinics in Ecuador

Original story It's a simple site where you start a cause and get people to sign your petition. If it worked for those silly ATM fees then why can't it work for everyone else? Today I received an e-mail from about patients in an Ecuadorian clinic basically being tortured for being gay. Anyone want to tell me why this is okay and it's still happening?

According to the petition,  "Paula Ziritti, 24, spent two years in one such facility and for three months was shackled in handcuffs while guards threw water and urine on her.  She describes numerous accounts of physical and sexual abuse."  Ziritti goes on to say, “The closure of the first clinics by the government is good, but not good enough. Why is the clinic where I suffered still open?” I couldn't believe something like this is happening in our world. Torture? Curing homosexuality? Riiiiiiiiiight.

These type of incidents have to make you realize protests in the U.S. are probably the least of our problems. Could clinics like the ones in Ecuador exist in the U.S.? For more information about the petition to stop these clinics visit
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