Monday, December 12, 2011

Beware the walking dead

The Walking Dead is probably one of the best shows I've seen yet. Sure a zombiepocolypse seems pretty intense right now but you never know. This show isn't just about zombies terrorizing the world and destroying families, it's about survival, trust, and basically asks, "What type of person are you?" The show brings up many issues along the way including your typical racist moments between whites and blacks...but that's only in the beginning. Soon all the survivors in the group above realize sticking together needs to be priority; but then others take charge into their own hand. 

So what type of person would you be? Would you stick with the group and just wait things out, would you think only of yourself and your family, would you leave the group and screw everyone or would you find ways to help others? It's hard to say because survival of the fittest is where our minds might be. But in a world of chaos we don't all have the skills in order to survive. And when your daughter or son becomes a zombie right in from of your eyes, reality soon sets in. When the show returns in February, I will be glued to my laptop (no TV) lol.
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