Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meeting like-minded individuals

I've been writing a lot more personal posts in the past few weeks. Not sure what the reason but sometimes it does spark convo, sometimes it just means I'm venting. This morning I had the pleasure of having coffee with (insert name) whom I met at the Most Influential Latinos event. I actually rarely have coffee/lunch with anyone; and if I do it's usually about work-related things. However, this was just a casual talk about life and awesome.

I probably should have started this a while ago but it felt good. I was happy to talk to someone who felt the same way I did about some things in the city and in general. In Philly (and most likely other places), as a Latino you get stuck into two worlds. You're either for your culture and only doing Latino-related things or you're assimilated and not involved. I don't understand why you can't be both? Why can't you enjoy a nice arroz con pollo and also a cheesesteak from Jim's Steaks? The older generation in this city find and mold the younger generation into something they don't want. If you stay away, they look at look like an alien.

It's great to have your immediate friends who probably work in different industries, but it's even better to see who else is out there. Sometimes I feel as though people have hidden agendas and want to take advantage of who you know and where you work. It's rare to meet the other kind that just want to pick your brain. With that, go forth and learn. Be someone who wants to meet people just because, not to grow your network/business. Keep in mind that's what networking is, but don't be selfish. Anyone up for coffee? lol.
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