Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie review: Aftershock

Yes I am aware the movie Aftershock is not related to Latinos but I had to write about it. Imagine 23 seconds turn in 32 years...32 years of waiting to confront your mother about why she decided to save your brother and not you. It was 1976 when a small town in China was hit with the most devastating earthquake in possibly the 20th century. Roughly 240,000 lives were lost and torn apart. I won't tell the whole story but it's quite an emotional roller coaster. If you were a mother or father how would you be able to live with yourself when making a decision like that. Or what if you were the daughter and all your life you asked yourself, "Why did my mother abandon me?" Was anyone at fault? Of course not, it's one of those decisions we should never have to make. The film dives into not just family, culture and disaster, but there's a hint of politics as well. I highly recommend watching it with a box of tissues...on Netflix lol. Enjoy!

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