Thursday, December 15, 2011

NBC gets a mini makeover con sabor

I mean everyone else is doing it, why not join the movement! A recent Broadcast & Cable article stated, "In a move that reflects the growing importance of Hispanic audiences for news divisions, NBC News is planning to launch an site targeting Hispanics sometime in early 2012, reports NBC News president Steve Capus."HuffingtonPost, FoxNewsLatino and now NBCLatino. I wonder how this move and change works with Comcast and Telemundo since everyone is part of the same family. Actually the article pretty much answered it with, "Though Telemundo creates Spanish-language content, [NBCLatino] will be working closely together with NBCU's Hispanic broadcast operation."

And why not! There are media outlets which reach the new-age Latino and there are those who reach the immigrant community. Latinos are probably the most confusing people to reach. And by confusing I mean difficult. We have those who stay true to their roots (and don't speak good English) by not leaving their community and supporting their local businesses; then we have the younger, tech-savvy Latino who likes Walking Dead and enjoying an arroz con pollo every now and then. Here's to an awesome and confusing future for marketers and media.

For now you can actually visit until the full site is launched.
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