Thursday, December 29, 2011

Restaurants outside the normal neighborhoods

Is it me or did Philadelphia Magazine list every single neighborhood in Philadelphia except El Centro de Oro? I'm usually not one to complain about not listing something "Latino" but come on. Do they have no contact in the Latino community? Most likely not. The article lists LOVE Park, Midtown Village, Media and other neighborhoods. Even South Philly which is predominately Mexican is only about Southeast Asian foods. I'm not even sure why I'm catching myself read these articles anyways...maybe it's the free subscription.

Although the restaurants in North Philly aren't the same as those in other neighborhoods, they are still equally as delicious. Maybe they need a "name" behind the restaurant or something. I don't know...but I like my arroz con pollo and Philadelphia seems to think Loco Pez and El Vez are authentic. Riiiiiiight. Sure Mexicans seem to be dominating the population, but can we have other foods? Don't worry, I'm not judging considering I love to eat at some of the Fishtown and Northern Liberties spots but I just wish there was expansion on our community in mainstream media.
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