Monday, December 12, 2011

A role model in the world

A role model in the world...that's all we need. Growing up surrounding yourself with positive role models is a little hard to come by these days; especially male figures. Today I had the opportunity to speak at Mariana Bracetti Academy's College & Career Week. I spoke about my journey throughout college and how I got to where I am today at Telemundo Philadelphia. After speaking to them it hit me how much trouble our youth is in.

I'm not too familiar with the education system but from what people tell me, it's in trouble. From what I saw in just two classes, I felt bad. Kids will be kids but when they don't believe in themselves at that age, what can they look forward to? Some of the students didn't know what they wanted to do and some were just hesitant to reach their goal. I hope at least one of those kids took something out of what I said and that was really to just push forward; don't let anyone stop you. So don't turn around if you see a young person, embrace them and help them. They can be a bit much but isn't that why we have kids?
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