Thursday, January 12, 2012

Acts of violence must end NOW

So I must say it's unfortunate for an incident to take place for people to start getting together. However, the unfortunate murder of three Latino children in our community has erupted into a movement of astounding proportions. NBCphiladelphia reported, "Three teens are dead and another was injured after a 30-year-old stepfather opened fire on a car full of kids who allegedly came over to fistfight his three stepsons Tuesday night, according to police." Really though? A father killed his three stepsons. Completely unacceptable. The worst part was that this escalated thanks to Facebook.

Is this an act of youth violence or just violence? Both. Both because why weren't the kids at home? And why did a grown man decide to take these actions? Is there something wrong in today's society that keeps us from telling our youth to stay off the streets? Take action. Don't wait for someone to tell you to do something; do it yourself and/or with others. Speak at a high school, donate your time to mentor or just be a positive role model in every day life. I don't understand why things like these murders are happening...completely unacceptable. I pray for the family and anyone who has lost a loved one due to acts of violence. Act now, not later.

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