Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Change in the Latino community = Tacos for dinner

I usually don't say anything when I'm offended but this takes the cake. Wow. In East haven, CT., Mayor Joe Maturo made himself look completely ignorant in a WPIX interview. The original story was about police allegedly targeting Latinos but the story turned for the worst.

  • Reporter 1: What are you doing for the Latino community?
  • Mayor: I might have tacos for dinner.
-_-. <--- That's the face I would have had and then went on a rampage about why that is the most racist thing in the world. Not only because the Mayor judged that ALL Latinos eat tacos but also because he thinks eating tacos for dinner will bring change. Yes the Mayor has apologized but that's not something people are going to forget. Maybe he saw the Sh** White Girls Say to Latinas video. Maybe not. Either way, Mayor Maturo just proved to the world that racism clearly still exists. And um, it's definitely not cool to play the I'm-of-Italian-descent card. Really? Really!?

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