Monday, January 30, 2012

The Felix Varela Awards

A few days ago the Al Dia Foundation announced this year's Felix Valera Award categories. The Varela Awards will recognize the best feature writing, best blogging, best documentary, and best photojournalism on Latino and Multicultural Issues in America. The VARELA Awards, offers the largest cash prize in its category, giving $10,000 per award, along with a golden medal of Father FĂ©lix Varela, an American intellectual of Latino origin who had a great impact on 19th CenturyAmerica.

This year's awards will also celebrate one of the pillars of the US Constitution, the First Amendment. This is also the first year they add best blogging as a category. This category honors the most creative, innovative, and sharp practices of writing in the latest format created by the technological evolution of the 21st century. And yes I definitely will be applying for this award. I've received a lot of great feedback and think I have a shot at it. The prize money will most certainly be used for my (hopeful) graduate school education. Best of luck to all you writers!
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