Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie: From Prada to Nada

I tell you not having cable will make you watch anything on Netflix. That's why I took the opportunity to watch From Prada to Nada which is usually not on my list to watch. However, something told me to watch it since it had the word "nada" and I assumed it was about Latino culture. Sure enough I got angry throughout some of the scenes and felt a little disgusted as well. Here you have two rich Mexican girls who are basically Americanized but yet their father is as pure Mexican as they come. He passes away and then the money goes with right? Especially for these two girls thinking living in East L.A. is the most horrible thing in the world. One of the sisters actually embraced the Mexican culture while the other took a little longer to embrace. Mix in some horrible step-family members, gangs, lawyers and you get "nada." Okay I lied, it was okay but I just didn't like the race issues involved. One thumb up.
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