Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your benefits of blogging

Earlier today I went to an event hosted by the Philadelphia Public Relations Association titled Benefits of Blogging for Business. Panelists included Stefan Frank, National Constitution Center; Jessica Sharp, Maven Communications; Allison Stadd, uwishunu; and Amanda Walsh, Furia Rubel Communications. A very mid-level type of event, all the speakers had great insight for non-profits, businesses, agencies and more. Key insights included keeping a strong voice, "content is king," and making sure you link all your social media properties (and then some) to promote your posts.

The audience had great questions as well including, "How long should a blog be?" as well as "How do you sustain a blog when a company doesn't have the 'person' to do it full-time?" I was actually hoping to ask if it's okay for CEO's and Executive Directors to blog but we ran out of time. Does anyone want to chime in?

So why do I blog? To be honest I started this blog (in 2008) to better my writing and to hopefully bring some positive news to the world. It started out a little small with no readership but thankfully now I have a good following. I even get pitched! Unfortunately people are more interested in gossip news and the most random things like "Dora the Explorer" and "From Prada to Nada." These two topics have been in my top read feed for the longest.

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