Tuesday, February 7, 2012

English and Spanish TV...the same

As we all know Ricky Martin is going to be on Glee tonight (2/7/11). Not sure what the story line is behind the Spanish teacher but as always it's good to see mainstream TV embracing Latinos. Sure no one ever wants to be labeled the "Latino" but when it comes to this type of show it's no problem. Reality TV always labels the minority. The other day I even saw a small clip of Relaciones Peligrosas at home with the parents and wow. I wanted to watch more but unfortunately I don't have the channel at mi casa. I was so happy to hear English and Spanish commentary which to me is astounding. Spanish and English broadcast outlets are paying attention to the new American Latino. We're bilingual, bloggers, lover of pizza and arroz con pollo and don't mind listening to LMFAO and Shakira at the same time. Try marketing to us :).

And now here's Ricky Martin performing "I'm Sexy and I Know It" with the Glee cast. Hilarious if you ask me.
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