Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Opinion: Why Philadelphia doesn't have Latino bloggers

Time and time again I ask myself, "Where are the Latino bloggers (in Philadelphia)?" I've asked countless times via LATISM's Twitter fiestas which by the way are um awesome. I've asked professional journalists. I've seen posts on Facebook asking the same question and no one answers. I am definitely not here to toot my own horn but ask yourself this, "Is anyone in the Philadelphia Region blogging about positive issues in our community?" If the answer is no, why not? Al Dia published an article about Latino bloggers but it was focused nationally. So where are they!?

I thought about the answer to my question and came up with a broad yet interesting answer. Latinos and social media in Philadelphia doesn't really exist. We are aware of the trends but unfortunately our community is so involved with social justice issues that they fail to see how social media/blogging can support their efforts. When I attended Temple University a lot of my friends were studying "the usual" degrees. Criminal Justice, Political Science, Education, Psychology, etc. Strange how although we graduate in these industries yet make it into another field.

There is a need for social media enthused people in Philadelphia; there just isn't time. While we constantly fight battles in government (and then some), we don't seem to move forward in other battles. We get stuck in a "Latino box" as I like to call it and can't seem to find openings anywhere else. Raising the bar, seeking new opportunities is what life is about. This leads to the struggle of the older generation versus the younger generation. I only call it a "versus" since there are constant battles in our organizations.

Blogging is something that comes natural and should not be used as a selling tool. I dislike it when I hear, "I don't have time." Well find time. It has nothing to do with being an awesome writer (or maybe it does). It has to do with marketing and communications. Integrating these tools into your business is essential. Sometimes the way these Latino organizations are using SM in Philadelphia is a little sloppy. This leads to the other question about Hispanic agencies in the market. I look at Miami, Los Angeles and New York City and see a boom in Latino bloggers, agencies, etc. Egh. So why doesn't Philadelphia have any Latino bloggers? Only you can answer this question.

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