Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PPRA Leaped Into Social Media

Earlier today I presented at the Philadelphia Public Relations Association's (PPRA)  program "Leap Into Social Media" along with Jessica Lawlor and Aimee Cirucci. The three "younger" public relations' professionals discussed tips and tricks businesses and organizations can use to improve their social media use. Whether it's for personal branding or corporate structure, social media is there and using it isn't as easy as ABC. Social media is a changing industry that can build up your corporate branding as well as make it into an open-casting call to people who just dislike life.

I'm glad there were questions about personal branding. Before you had to send a resume and bio in person (or through e-mail), but now you can add your bio in 140 characters and even create an online resume. People tend to wonder whether tweeting about your employer on your personal account is acceptable; I say yes. Just ask yourself if you do work on your personal cell phone? Most likely you do but not a lot. As you get deeper into social media, I'd suggest adding a social media policy. It really helps with dos and don'ts and just makes sense. Other than that, do what you're doing. Social media is about being social and experimenting with new initiatives.

Be sure to follow @JessLaw and @PPRA for other public relations' tips and tricks.
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