Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So why are local festivals needed?

So I like festivals...I'm not going to lie. Growing up my parents took my brother and I (forced) to so many festivals in Elizabeth, NJ. You know these were the free festivals where mom wanted to wait in every line just to get a key chain. While my brother and I waited with her, dad just stood there with the food -_-. Anyways, Philadelphia has clearly hosted many festivals. Whether they are cultural, entertainment, sports related or just free, they are awesome filled with musical acts, free food and other activities. Which is why I want to say...Philadelphia, you deserve more.

I know, I know some people are tired and complain about the 4th of July concert/festival and even bring up the way cultural festivals are supported. These organizations raise an enormous amount of money to bring these festivals to life. And hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of people come out and bring in more money to the city. Festivals like the Hispanic Fiesta, Global Fusion and Feria del Barrio bring a sense of pride. However, something we are not used to (in Philadelphia) is an indoor festival.

My job actually hosts the Feria de la Familia in the fall. Although for the past two years approximately 2000 people have attended each, it can be much better. Last year I received calls asking, "How much?" And of course the, "Um if it rains is it still happening?" Our Latino community in Philadelphia is not used to an indoor festival being free. The other interesting fact is that there is no indoor venue in our community that can hold 2K+ people. Don't tell me a high school because it's not going to happen. Philadelphia...an outdoor festival town needs to embrace other type of festivals. And that's what I have to say on that subject :).
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