Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Someone launched a fancy new website

Ah yes our dear friends at Being Latino have launched their brand new website. Um awesome? Originally just a Facebook page used to connect Latinos with pretty much everyone in the world, BL has pretty much turned into one of the most "go-to" media sites for everything Latino. Topics range from media, politics, entertainment and one of my favorites...food! BL has also developed content partnerships with various online followings.

So let's take a look at the site. Sure the WordPress site seemed a little outdated but it was still had a great following. Now with a .us domain, the site looks much cleaner and will soon be a $$ generator. That's what I'm getting from the "advertise here" banner. But unlike other sites, the homepage is very easy to read and there's not a lot going on...I like that. I'm also happy to see they highlight their writers above the fold; that's BL pretty much is about. It's about their writers and volunteers. I wish I still had time to write for them ::sad face::. Congrats Lance and the entire team. Here's to a great year.
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