Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Speak English in Arizona

So if a city is 98.7% Latino, I would hope that a Latino would represent the city in council. Not the case in San Luis, Arizona though. An NBC Latino article stated, "Alejandrina Cabrera had her appeal rejected by the Arizona Supreme Court and will not appear on the San Luis city council ballot. Cabrera appealed an earlier ruling that she did not speak, read or write English well enough to run for office." Crazy right? Sure politics are politics but when most of the city's population speaks Spanish why can't a mostly Spanish-speaking resident run for office? She's not running for president for goodness sake. Although most of us reading about this incident assume she most likely speaks well English, we probably can't judge until we hear her. The American climate is changing and unfortunately politics is the only industry not moving forward with changes. -_-
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