Monday, March 19, 2012

Continuing my studies at St. Joseph's University

About a week ago I was accepted into the St. Joseph's University (SJU) Master's of Arts in Writing Studies program. Wow right!? This is a tremendous opportunity and a big step in my life as I continue to grow. Of course there are many reasons why I decided to continue my education as well as even pick SJU out of all schools. Continuing your education is as natural to me as eating every day. As a Latino I have to face the facts that not everyone is the same. Not everyone is given the same chances as myself nor anyone else. We choose our own fate and decide the best route.

So why continue my studies? A USA Today story quoted, "Census figures show that only 13% of Hispanics have a college degree or higher, compared with 30% among Americans overall." That needs to change ASAP. And sure the idea about going to college is difficult since it involves borrowing money, but it's still important. That percentage gets smaller as you bring up graduate school. My family (especially parents and Tia Fela) really pushed getting that education...and it did stick with me. I also need to become a better writer; it's what I love. In an Al Dia interview I told the reporters I remembered when I was in elementary school I would write short comics. Is it about money? Never. Although a master's degree does increase your chances of getting a bigger salary, I find that SJU will provide other opportunities.

So why SJU? The school has everything I need to become a better writer overall. Although my concentration is journalism, I need a variety of styles in my life. Sure it can come crashing down on me but these days you need to be a multifaceted worker. Whether grant writing, magazine style, online, fictional or even poetry, my style needs to be able to adapt to all.  SJU will open so many doors that I am not aware of as well. Remember...don't put me in a box :). Here's to 3 (maybe 4) more years of the school life!
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