Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latinos.org: Real or fake?

So I recently read an article in the Philadelphia Business Journal about a new website Latinos.org looking to hire and grow. The article quotes, "One of the more interesting was Donald Woodring, the president and CEO of DonFiesta LLC, the operator of Latinos.org, which Woodring wants to make into a big Web destination for Latinos." Well currently it doesn't look like it will be. The homepage looks a little too simple for my taste and when I saw the istockphoto...enough said.

The article continued, “There’s a huge gap in the availability of websites that are in Spanish on the Internet, as well as websites that are not only in Spanish, but meet the cultural needs of the Latino community, so that’s what we’re attempting to do." I doubt this guy has any knowledge in the Hispanic market and is attempting to make a quick buck or two. I mean isn't that the thing to do nowadays? Make money off of our culture? I didn't even bother clicking on any of the website links considering most of the text on them were in gibberish. I wonder if he's heard of beinglatino.us/?
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