Friday, March 2, 2012

No representation for Latinos in PA

Imagine a world where your vote did not count nor mattered at all. I find it interesting that while corporations and organizations are doing their best to capitalize on this fast and awesome market, the political world struggles to see our needs. The LatinoLines Coalition recently sent out a press release stating the Reapportionment Commission in Harrisburg, PA canceled an important public hearing...again. This meeting would have included discussions about fair representation in government. The cancellation of the meeting has gotten people very upset and questions fairness in our own backyard.

Court rulings allowing the re-instatement of the 2001 voting districts for use in the 2012 Primary election are illegal under the Constitution. LatinoLines demands a new date be set for the primary election. Moving the Pennsylvania state primary is possible to accommodate proper implementation of a constitutional redistricting plan, based on the 2010 census. A few days ago the coalition went to Harrisburg and demanded the primaries on April 24 be postponed and also also created a petition.

I'm assuming government officials did not read the recent Time Magazine cover story
Favorite lines of the press release: Sadly, it is clear to LatinoLines that the ‘political community’ has never believed there was a respectable Latino voting community at all. It is clear from decades of actions and inaction, that the ‘political community’ viewed the Latino community as a big slush fund of votes to hand around and break apart, depending on which district needed strengthening. This explains the decades of vote cracking, stacking and packing. Those days are over. Quoting a phrase from the political protest movement, “The whole world is watching.”
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