Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stop the invasion...stop illegal immigration?

I recently read an article in the NY Time's Upfront Magazine titled, "Scenes from the Border." From the title you can obviously tell it's about the ongoing discussion about illegal immigration. In recent weeks I've had such a hatred towards the word "illegal." Even two years ago there was a discussion with the words illegal and undocumented. The article states, "...Mexicans account for about 6.5 million of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S." With more than 50% of America's immigrants it's astounding the issue is still a problem.

So what exactly is the problem? Is there a problem? Does America fear the assimilation between North, Central and South America? Most citizens say Mexicans are "stealing their jobs" but in reality immigrants are taking the jobs no one wants. Would you go from having your own agency to working the fields? Washing dishes? Most likely not. After 9/11/01 the Department of Homeland Security took over the issue of immigration. So hear we are in 2012 when the next president will most likely be decided by decedents of immigrants (undocumented and not). Thanks to the article I also found out that in the 1920s, America favored Northern European immigrants than those from other continents/countries in fear of an "invasion."

Will the 2012 election pay attention to immigration topics? Where do you stand?

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