Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Educating our community on touchy subjects

The more I become aware of different programs throughout the city of Philadelphia, the more I wish these things existed while I was a kid. Maybe I was unaware because certain programs weren't meant for me. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see Latino non-profits engaged with the community on a variety of levels. Whether it's health, social justice, immigration or education, it's important to inform our people about life. Sometimes these subjects can be a bit touchy as well. They aren't discusses in our homes but there are organizations that are willing to do this job.

Concilio has a variety of health programs which teaches kids and adults how to live healthier lives. It's teen pregnancy prevention team recently started three new schools last month: Stetson Middle School, Pan American Academy Charter School, and Kearny Public School, as well as Concilio's Foster Care Program to promote abstinence and healthy decision-making among 6th and 7th graders. Using the well-evidenced medically accurate PHAT curriculum by University of Pennsylvania's Dr. Loretta Sweet Jemmott, children are learning how to stay on track for healthy adolescence.

For more information on El Concilio, visit elconcilio.net or call 215-627-3100.
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